Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna


I will start my first post with the photo that I chose to use as a background of my blog. Why I chose this photo? What does it tell about me and this blog? And, first of all, where was this taken?
Let’s start from the latter question. This photo was taken at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Wien (Austria) some years ago by a dear friend, while we were visiting the museum together.
This room is dedicated to Roman portraits and sculptur (Hochparterre, Room XIII on this plan), while the photo shows the portrait of Caesars, their women and a few unknown, it should be mentioned that here there are also a couple of Fayum portraits on display. That’s all for the photo, and I will avoid the presentation of each portrait…for now at least. 
Why I liked so much this room? Because I like the presentation of these portraits: each one collocated at a different height, trying to replicate real life heights, on this small circular column (the bodies?), and especially with a use of light that emphasises in a suggestive manner each of them. While their collocation on this column is not so uncommon, I really liked the illumination of the room, which contributed to create the sensation of wandering among all these ancients.
 Is it a too romantic view? Maybe, but surely the effect is really appreciable. 

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