Converting an old tunnel into a museum?

Museum in an old tunnel…

Literally. What to do when you have an old motorway tunnel? It’s a question.
You have this old tunnel, but it is no more used by cars. For them, there’s a new brighter, larger modern tunnel.
And you end up with this big unused space.
In Trento (Italy), they had even two tunnel. The whole motorway was diverted and therefore the tunnels remained empty.
The idea was: what about a museum?
And so one tunnel has been all painted in white, and here there are all the services, and a little library, plus some space for exhibitions.
The second tunnel instead has all been painted in black, it looks dark and very very long. That’s the place were the temporary exhibitions take place.
In this period, there is an exhibition about Italian’s troops in Russia during the Second World War.
On one side of the tunnel there are all the panels, and a few cases.
On the other side, some military cars, cannons and machine guns are placed one after the other, while on the wall a big timeline emphasises the main events of the 1941-1943 expedition in Russia, that ended with the dramatic retreat from Staliningrad.

Here, there are some photos of the exhibition.

The two galleries are now part of the Museum of History of Trentino, and the original idea of converting them into a museum it is also narrated in the new temporary exhibition at the MAXXI, the museum of modern art in Rome.
This latest exhibition, “Re-cycle, focuses on this important topic and presents some cases of successful reuse of waste in modern arts and architecture.

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