Digitale Tråde

This year I’ve been to the EAA (European Association of Archaeologists) conference in Helsinki. There were many interesting papers, and I’ve definitely learnt a lot.

In this post, I’d like to write about a geo-based application that has been developed in Denmark by the Museum Midtjylland and the Alexandra Instituttet.

The app is called Digitale Tråde and it has been built in order to expand the museum experience beyond the museum itself, in the whole municipality of Herning. This app allows the visitor to walk around the city and its surroundings and discover hidden sites, access more documentation (images, videos, sounds, texts) on them, see which objects of the museum collections have been found there, and eventually access the relevant pages on the museum website. A particular attention has been devoted to prehistoric sites, which are often no more visible in the landscape, but whose objects are visible in the museum.
The app has been presented also at “The Transformative Museum” conference, held in Denmark in 2012, and the paper of this conference is available here.

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