Discovering the Roman Mutina

Earlier this week, I was in Modena to visit the new exhibition ‘Flags of America’  at Fondazione Fotografia, an exciting place for whoever loves photographic exhibitions.

However, in this post I want to focus on a project of archaeological communication a friend had pointed me out, and which was indeed worth looking at.DSC_8508

In the area of Parco Novi Sad, a parkmostly famous for his c
oncerts, the Novi Ark Project  presents the Roman city of Mutina, with a series of panel along a Roman road, which was uncovered in recent works and ‘reconstructed’ at the current street level.



The panels frame the road, which connects the main road to the park, beginning withthe story of its discovery and the choice to present it to the public through this project.


DSC_8514Moreover, Roman funerary stele were found in the area, and replicas had been kept on the side of the road, offering the opportunity to present this epigraphs and inviting the public to explore further the city and its history.

Overall, this site demonstrates how good public archaeology projects could be done with relatively little efforts, and it surely contributes to communicate the history of the city in Roman times and Late Antiquity to an audience of young people and concert goers which is probably less likely to have visited the local museum.



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