“La Magnifica Ossessione” – MART, Rovereto

I finally managed to visit “La Magnifica Ossessione” (“the magnificent obsession”), the exhibition celebrating the first ten years of the MART Museum (Rovereto, Italy). This exhibition should probably be compulsory for museology students: there were just so many ideas and themes discussed.

What is then this magnificent obsession? An obsession very appropriate for the celebration of a museum: collecting and exhibiting. It is difficult to sum up all the suggestions offered by this exhibition in a blog post, I will limit myself to few examples.

2013-08-22 15.44.31

This is one of the first rooms: a collection of white statue, surrounded by paintings: realised by Andrea Malfatti (1832-1917), they aim to put in dialogue these 19th century works of art with the modern museum displays. By questioning these objects’ meanings when moving from the atelier to the museum, the room cleverly introduces to the exhibition.

Museum processes are explored in successive exhibits: from conservation and restoration to institutional relations; from archives and research to exhibit design and public engagement. The various themes are well reprsented by the Flickr album realised by the museum staff (indeed photographs are not allowed in the museum).


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