Trento Science Museum (MuSe)

I have finally managed to visit the new science museum in Trento, which opened last month, attracting a huge public. Indeed, this was my second time trying to enter: last week I gave up, after seeing the long queue. Today, I was luckier!

The previous science museum was still displaying plenty of dioramas with the animals living in the various environment: I remember few *long* afternoon spent wandering around with my family, when I was a child.

The new museum exhibit almost all his taxidermied animals in a central well, with the balconies on four floors around offering more details on environmental issues, evolution, and technology.

DSC_2566In the basement, the first gallery “The history of life” has few dinosaur skeletons (reconstructions), and introduces to the evolution of the species. From there it is also possible to go through a greenhouse full of tropical plants, “An Afromontane rain forest”.

The ground floor has a discovery centre, great for children and families, full of interactives, while the first floor displays the provincial prehistoric collection (of which I plan to blog separately!), and engages then with the idea of a sustainable global future.

The second floor presents the history of the Dolomites, which have DSC_2589recently been included in the UNESCO natural heritage list: through this topic, the geology collections are explored and their relevance is strongly affirmed. Keeping this approach, the third floor focuses on nature and biodiversity in the Alps. Finally, the fourth floor, from which there’s access also to a panoramic terrace, discusses how mountains have been explored in the past, and are currently part of the lives of many people. Himalayan expeditions are discussed close to the everyday work of Alpin rescue corps; however, the most famous feature of this floor is undoubtedly the artificial glacier, which at the opening caught the attention of many articles and reviews. DSC_2533


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