WWI centenary

There are many reasons why I am now interested in the First World War centenary commemoration: in this section of the blog, I aim especially to focus on the case-study of Trento. This province became Italian with the first world war and the battlefields extended all over its territory.

At the moment, I plan to research more how the material remains of the war, so easy to encounter during an hike or a museum visit, contribute to inform the local identity and to shape this landscape.

A second area of interest relates to the consequences of war on local museums: I have already mentioned here of my MA research on the history of these collections and their use in nationalistic propaganda. During the war, museums were closed, collections either stored on place or moved to Austria (mainly Innsbruck) – some of them are indeed still there, and after the war the administrative infrastructure was rebuilt from scratch – now following the Italian framework. Therefore, I would like also to explore more how archaeological heritage and museums became a parallel ‘battle’ ground for the formation of identities, but also as they were re-contextualised and reconstructed, physically and administratively, following the war.


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