WWI on Monte Zugna

I had already blogged about the big trench reconstructed on the Monte Zugna, an Italian WWI trench which was facing the Austrian one (also included in this WWI heritage project).

At a lower level on the side of this mountain, there is a second route centred on the WWI: these are the panels indicating it (unfortunately only in Italian). On a two-hours afternoon hike, it is possible to cross twice both the former Italian and Austrian lines, encountering almost 30 signs of the devastations of the war in this relatively small area.

2014-01-01 15.15.08   2014-01-01 15.15.12

The photos below show how the Italian trench is conserved nowadays, while the second photo shows the remains of Italian barracks.



Each site is clearly identified by panels: unfortunately, the Austrian trench is less conserved, probably due to the fact that it was in a more steep position and had been heavily damaged by grenades and cannon shots. This position was strategic for both fields, since it controlled the access to the area of Lake Garda and the valley of the Adige river; while the positions higher on the mountain controlled the access from a lateral valley, that of the river Leno, connecting to Vicenza.



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