Museum Week: #souvenirsMW

This week is Museum Week, and today’s theme is museum souvenirs – and, as all my family and friends will tell – this is one of my worse weakness.

Let’s just say that when I was around 6-7 years old, there was a regular family trip to a regional tourism fair: while my parents would dream future holidays, I was always scouring the stands for leaflets on local histories and museums – and usually coming back home with two or three bags of them. And, of course, as any good hoarder, I still have the collection at home. At the time, this was great for all the short geography and history presentations we were doing at school – indeed, me and my friends were probably quite hated by local travel agencies: I think we went there countless times asking ‘for a nice leaflet with big photos of that or that country’.

Now, instead, I still continue to do the same in museums: it started with buying guidebooks, but I soon realised I couldn’t afford it – so in the last ten years or so I’ve limited myself to postcards. There is still the occasional guidebook or kitsch souvenir (e.g. my not so beautiful, but much loved mug from Vergina), but mostly wherever I go I take tons of photos and buy bulks of postcards. And I take ‘some’ time choosing them, with great ‘fun’ of whoever is with me.

If I then add that when once my parents decided to take with them my camera during a museum visit, they ended up having to wait for me for hours – since, left without my number one device, I had to resort to take notes and draw sketches of everything: I concluded the visit very happy with a notebook full of interesting facts; curiously, since then my parents have always refuted to visit a museum with me…

Fortunately, there are others who somehow are still happy to come with me in a museum, and maybe also buy some cheeky souvenir!  (and yes, we both still have these Irish bears, I think!)



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