First World War trenches on M.Creino

During the Christmas break, I re-visited another part of the Italy-Austria First World War frontline in southern Trentino. Particularly, this post features the trenches on Monte Creino, which allowed the Austrian soldiers stationed here to control both the northern lake Garda and the valley of river Adige. On the Creino, there were two Austrian lines facing the Italian lines on the side of M.Altissimo.

While part of these trenches was visible also in the past, in recent years old artillery positions and more trenches have been restored. Here an example: 

On the other side, the panels are quite old and unclear, so they would need replacement.

But what interests me most is how people interact with this heritage: the place has been a traditional destination for short walks, given its proximity, the fact that it enjoy sunlight til late, and its easy but panoramic views. As lake Garda:

Families, couples of all ages, and group of friends are easy to find dispersed in the fields on the top – and its impossible for them not to notice the war remains.

However, these remains are so embedded in the local perception and understanding of the landscape that they are almost ‘domesticated’, not representing any threat to an enjoyable afternoon out. While tourist and heritage organisation promote WWI sites, it would be interesting to observe how non-locals react to these remains and thus observe how the sense of place of locals is informed by this heritage. What different feelings, perceptions, and emotional reactions are there, between visitors coming specifically to see and commemorate this WWI places and locals?

Planning for more fieldwork and research… 


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