Two days in Amsterdam

Last week, I had the chance to follow the Digital Heritage students in the MA Art Gallery and Museum Studies at the University of Manchester in their trip to Amsterdam. It was a great trip and it was interesting to visit the Rijksmuseum again, especially since when I first was there a few years ago it was still only very partially open due to the redevelopment!

I got a flight to Amsterdam on Sunday morning and got straight onto a train north, to visit a friend who is doing her PhD in the Netherlands. In the afternoon, we visited Giethoorn and this is surely the loveliest little gem I can say I have discovered during this trip!

I didn’t know about this car-free small village and it was beautiful to walk around and see these traditional and beautiful houses, a small mineralogy museum, and the local museum (which was unfortunately already closed by the time we got there).


After this short refreshing immersion in the countryside, I went back to Amsterdam so that on Monday morning I could visit the Rijksmuseum with the rest of the Manchester’s group. I enjoyed both the permanent galleries and temporary exhibition ‘Catwalk’, which presented the museum’s fashion collection.


During the day, I also managed to visit the Van Gogh Museum: in this case, I remembered well the permanent display and so I focused on the temporary exhibition, ‘Easy Virtue’, on prostitution in French Art between 1850 and 1910. This exhibition was also very interesting and I liked particularly the display of some of the original editions of Zola, while the paintings traced the history of the representations of prostitutes (or supposedly so) from the pre-Impressionists to Picasso.

Although a very short trip, it was great to have the chance to spend two days immersed in such beautiful museums and to discover a new part of the Netherlands!



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