Visiting two Messner Mountain Museums

I finally had a summer break, 5 days at home in Italy – and so I finally had the chance to see two new museums, both part of the Messner Mountain Museums group. First, I have visited the museum in Brunico/Bruneck on the people of the mountains. This is an ethnographic museum, in a castle, and so already the combination of artefacts from all over the world in a typical Sudtirolean medieval castle is fascinating.

Although most of the galleries are organised by geographical criteria, it is interesting to see how different people faced the same challenges through the wide range of everyday domestic objects, mountain apparel, and spiritual and religious objects on display.

On the same trip, I visited also the latest of the Messner Mountain Museums, designed by Zaha Hadid at Plan de Corones, before now known as a skiing station at 2,275 m in a classic alpine landscape. Zaha Hadid’s architecture is beautifully immersed in this landscape, and the museum on the history of alpinism is equally fascinating.


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