Research Interests

I enjoy interdisciplinary and transnational research, hence I have studied and worked across different fields, from archaeology to museology, from classics to cultural policy, from history to data science.

Briefly, I am interested in: 4

  • Knowledge construction about the past
    • Heritage and its Publics
    • Museum Histories
    • Representations of the past
    • The Past and the Media
    • Histories of Archaeology
  • Curatorial Practices and Identities
  • Visitor Experiences
  • Human Remains in museums
  • Digital Heritage
    • Social Media Research
    • Data Science approaches to heritage studies
    • Virtual collections and 3D reconstructions
    • AR/VR applications in museums
  • First World War material remains, archives, and literature
  • Central Asian Heritage

I am interested in the ways the past is represented and mediated in the public sphere, and this interest has led me to study both the history of museums and their practices (in collecting, cataloguing, displaying, and engaging audiences with the material remains and narratives of the past) and the ways heritage is constructed, shared and discussed in the media, particularly within digital media.



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