‘War in the Sunshine’ at the Estorick Collection

This Saturday, I took an hour off to go and visit the exhibition “War in the Sunshine: The British in Italy 1917-1918” at the Estorick Collection.

IMG_7614There were the paintings and drawings by Sydney Carline (1888-1929), who was initially dispatched to the front as a fighter pilot and then became an official artist with the RAF. I loved these paintings, especially since they represented an area on the Western border of Veneto which I know well, and in some of the paintings of mountains, I could almost guess which mountain was shown and from where it had been painted.

A second section of the exhibition had the photographs of Ernest Brooks (1878-1941), official photographer on the Western front, but that before working on the Somme had been also on the Italian front. This photos of everyday life during the war were also interesting, and it was surprising to see a panel explaining that Caporetto was the worst defeat of the Italian army in WWI and thus in Italian saying ‘It’s a Caporetto!’ it is a way of saying that it is a disaster. Though, I have to say that this was more the case a generation ago than now, it is not a way of saying currently much used!

Besides, I loved also the permanent displays of Modern Italian Art of the Estorick Collection, which cover the period 1890s-1950s with a focus on futurists.

Overall, this was a very nice museum visit, and a good way of seeing some of my favourite art and discover new perspectives on the Italian front in WWI.



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