[list last updated in February 2017] Zuanni, C., 2017. Italian Museums and Twitter: an analysis of Museum Week 2016, in Archeostorie. Italian Journal of Public Archaeology 1. This paper analyses the activities of Italian cultural institutions and Twitter users during Museum Week 2016, a global event promoting museums on this platform. The paper draws on recent research in the field of museum and heritage … Continue reading Publications

Research Interests

I enjoy interdisciplinary and transnational research, hence I have studied and worked across different fields, from archaeology to museology, from classics to cultural policy, from history to data science. Briefly, I am interested in:  Knowledge construction about the past Heritage and its Publics Museum Histories Representations of the past The Past and the Media Histories of Archaeology Curatorial Practices and Identities Visitor Experiences Human Remains in museums Digital Heritage Social … Continue reading Research Interests

Conference Papers

[list last updated in July 2016] Liverpool 2018: Legacies of the European Capital of Culture 10 Years On – initial findings at the Liverpool 2018 workshop with Liverpool Culture (Liverpool, 1st July 2016). Liverpool Arts Lab – with Dr Beatriz Garcia, at AHRC Commons (York, 21st June 2016). Liverpool 2018: Legacies of the European Capital of Culture 10 Years On – poster and presentation at the University of … Continue reading Conference Papers