New Publication: ‘Religion in Museums’

This is a short post to announce that Religion in Museums: Today and Tomorrow, edited by G. Buggeln, C. Paine, and S. B. Plate and published by Bloomsbury is now out. I contributed to this book with a chapter, Archaeological displays: Ancient objects, current beliefs, in which I discuss how archaeological displays of religious objects are experienced by museum audiences today. The chapter compares the … Continue reading New Publication: ‘Religion in Museums’

New publication: Italian museums during #museumweek 2016

This is a short post to say that my new paper on Italian Museums during #museumweek 2016 has just been published in the first issue of Archeostorie (open access). This paper argues that more data analysis is required in order to develop a better awareness of museums’ audiences on social media. I used the case study of Italian Museums during Museum Week, particularly during the … Continue reading New publication: Italian museums during #museumweek 2016

Universal Histories and Universal Museums

I’m happy to announce that we have just launched a website for the Universal Histories and Universal Museums, the project I am now working as postdoctoral researcher. The project is led by Prof Sandra Kemp (V&A), Prof Hervé Inglebert (Université de Paris Ouest Nanterre), and André Delpuech (Musée du Quai Branly) and it is jointly funded by the AHRC and LABEX. We will now be … Continue reading Universal Histories and Universal Museums

Public Archaeology in Italy: conference review

Last year I attended the first Italian National Public Archaeology Conference, in Florence. My review of this event has just been published by Arqueologia Publica (free registration to download it). The conference, organised by Chiara Bonacchi, was a great success, dealing with cultural heritage legislation, communication, economic and social aspects, and discussing few interesting digital heritage projects (for example, those based on Aurasma and Wikitude, of which I have blogged last November). … Continue reading Public Archaeology in Italy: conference review

Thinking of guest posting

Recently, I read an interesting discussion about the value of multi-author blogs against single author blogs. An example of the critique against single author academic blogs is available here. One of the interesting arguments is that multi-author blogs guarantee a wider variety of good and more frequent contents. One author will struggle to keep the blog updated and at the same time have a certain … Continue reading Thinking of guest posting

Culture shock anyone?

Culture shock is the process of readapting into a new environment (generally it is used for new countries, but it can also refer to new works or social environments), and it is generally divided into four or more phases: The “honey-moon phase”: this is generally the first period, when everything is still exciting and people fell in love with their new environment. The “negotiation phase”, … Continue reading Culture shock anyone?

Understanding British language

What’s so exceptional about British English? Surely, if I’m blogging in English and you’re reading this, it should not be a problem. However…if you’re studying for the first time in the U.K. it’s very likely you’ll start to doubt whether you’re really understanding all the comments you’re receiving. Luckily, someone has provided the right help! This little translation guide has been shared many times around … Continue reading Understanding British language