Wikitude and Archaeology (and museums?)

I’ve mentioned in the previous post that I’ve recently discovered a couple of fantastic apps. In the previous post, I’ve also spoken of Aurasma, an AR application for linking multimedia content to a static image. In this post, I’m looking at a second AR software: Wikitude. This software has also won many prizes as the best Augmented Reality Browser. In this case, it is a … Continue reading Wikitude and Archaeology (and museums?)


Thanks to a presentation by Marco Valenti, Professor of Medieval Archaeology at the University of Siena, at the recent PublicArchaeology in Italy Conference, two new fantastic apps. Actually, he spoke also of others apps, but in this blog I’ll discuss only two of them, one in this post, the second one here. The first one is Aurasma, an augmented reality platform, which allows linking multimedia … Continue reading Aurasma

Digitale Tråde

This year I’ve been to the EAA (European Association of Archaeologists) conference in Helsinki. There were many interesting papers, and I’ve definitely learnt a lot. In this post, I’d like to write about a geo-based application that has been developed in Denmark by the Museum Midtjylland and the Alexandra Instituttet. The app is called Digitale Tråde and it has been built in order to expand … Continue reading Digitale Tråde

Geoblog Percorsi Emotivi ("Emotional Routes" geotagging Bologna)

In another post I have recalled my recent visit to the Museum of the City of Bologna, which was very interesting. However, in this blogpost, I would like to focus especially on the section “Percorsi Emotivi” (“Emotional Routes”). This is a geo-blog project, where visitors are invited to tag a map of the city with their emotions. They can do this on-site, where many post-it … Continue reading Geoblog Percorsi Emotivi ("Emotional Routes" geotagging Bologna)