Museum Week: #inspirationMW

Continuing this Museum Week blogging (which at least as prompted me to post twice in a week!), today the theme is ‘inspiration’. So, I decided to keep it simple and think about the 5 most inspirational museum experience I’ve had:

1) Crimes de Sang, at the Musèe d’Histoire de la ville de Luxembourg

This is surely the most shocking and challenging exhibition I’ve ever visited, but from a museological perspective it was equally fascinating and interesting for the great use of interactives, multimedia, and participatory practices. Continue reading “Museum Week: #inspirationMW”


Museum Week: #souvenirsMW

This week is Museum Week, and today’s theme is museum souvenirs – and, as all my family and friends will tell – this is one of my worse weakness. Let’s just say that when I was around 6-7 years old, there was a regular family trip to a regional tourism fair: while my parents would dream future holidays, I was always scouring the stands for leaflets on local histories … Continue reading Museum Week: #souvenirsMW