New publication: Italian museums during #museumweek 2016

This is a short post to say that my new paper on Italian Museums during #museumweek 2016 has just been published in the first issue of Archeostorie (open access). This paper argues that more data analysis is required in order to develop a better awareness of museums’ audiences on social media. I used the case study of Italian Museums during Museum Week, particularly during the … Continue reading New publication: Italian museums during #museumweek 2016

Museum Week: #inspirationMW

Continuing this Museum Week blogging (which at least as prompted me to post twice in a week!), today the theme is ‘inspiration’. So, I decided to keep it simple and think about the 5 most inspirational museum experience I’ve had:

1) Crimes de Sang, at the Musèe d’Histoire de la ville de Luxembourg

This is surely the most shocking and challenging exhibition I’ve ever visited, but from a museological perspective it was equally fascinating and interesting for the great use of interactives, multimedia, and participatory practices. Continue reading “Museum Week: #inspirationMW”

Migration and the European Museums

Today I attended an interesting seminar organised by the “Centre for Museology” at the University of Manchester. The speaker was Chris Whitehead, Professor of Museology at the University of Newcastle and its paper was titled “Dealing with Difference: Representations of Migration in European Museums”, focusing on one of the research strand in the EU project “MeLa*European Museums in an age of migrations“. The paper focused on representations of migrants in … Continue reading Migration and the European Museums

Digitale Tråde

This year I’ve been to the EAA (European Association of Archaeologists) conference in Helsinki. There were many interesting papers, and I’ve definitely learnt a lot. In this post, I’d like to write about a geo-based application that has been developed in Denmark by the Museum Midtjylland and the Alexandra Instituttet. The app is called Digitale Tråde and it has been built in order to expand … Continue reading Digitale Tråde

Geoblog Percorsi Emotivi ("Emotional Routes" geotagging Bologna)

In another post I have recalled my recent visit to the Museum of the City of Bologna, which was very interesting. However, in this blogpost, I would like to focus especially on the section “Percorsi Emotivi” (“Emotional Routes”). This is a geo-blog project, where visitors are invited to tag a map of the city with their emotions. They can do this on-site, where many post-it … Continue reading Geoblog Percorsi Emotivi ("Emotional Routes" geotagging Bologna)

Palazzo Pepoli, Museo della Storia di Bologna

  This week I finally got to visit the new museum of Bologna, which opened last December. The museum is in itself worth more than a visit: it focuses on the history of the city, from the proto-historical inhabitants, through the Etruscans, the Romans, and then the rich heritage from the Middle Age, which still shapes so deeply the city centre. A lot of efforts … Continue reading Palazzo Pepoli, Museo della Storia di Bologna

My list about museums

This is a list of dedicated to museums and museology: mdoness museum paper  Museology Museums and the web  Museum News Daily  Museum Planning  Museum Professionals museums recommanded from  Museum Today #museum Museum Walk Museums Worldwide The Festival of Museums Daily The Museums are Great! Daily The museum-community Weekly  The Museums Daily  The Museum Traveller  Virtual Museum What’s new in museums World Museum News … Continue reading My list about museums

Converting an old tunnel into a museum?

Museum in an old tunnel… Literally. What to do when you have an old motorway tunnel? It’s a question. You have this old tunnel, but it is no more used by cars. For them, there’s a new brighter, larger modern tunnel. And you end up with this big unused space. In Trento (Italy), they had even two tunnel. The whole motorway was diverted and therefore … Continue reading Converting an old tunnel into a museum?