New exhibition on the Nike of Samothrace

The restoration of the Winged Victory of Samothrace, began in September 2013, was concluded last summer when the statue was redisplayed on the monumental Daru staircase.

IMG_3553The project (here the details) was in itself very interesting for its successful use of crowdfunding: out of the 4 million Euros needed, 1 million had been donated by individual donors, over a period of three months, through the ad hoc platform Tous mécènes! (which is now still in use for other crowdfunding campaigns by the Louvre).

This week, it has been announced a new fantastic exhibition on this statue, detailing the new data emerged from the project: it will be open until June, and it really looks like a must go! Continue reading “New exhibition on the Nike of Samothrace”


WWI and reconstructions: Monte Zugna

During the Easter break, I visited again the WWI trenches and fortifications on Monte Zugna: these were the first Italian war against the Austrian Punitive expedition in Spring 1916. In this post, I want to discuss the case of the so-called “trincerone” (big trench) which has been restored, as part of the centenary commemoration initiatives. There was an intense debate on the local press, with few … Continue reading WWI and reconstructions: Monte Zugna