Trento Science Museum (MuSe)

I have finally managed to visit the new science museum in Trento, which opened last month, attracting a huge public. Indeed, this was my second time trying to enter: last week I gave up, after seeing the long queue. Today, I was luckier! The previous science museum was still displaying plenty of dioramas with the animals living in the various environment: I remember few *long* afternoon spent wandering … Continue reading Trento Science Museum (MuSe)

Converting an old tunnel into a museum?

Museum in an old tunnel… Literally. What to do when you have an old motorway tunnel? It’s a question. You have this old tunnel, but it is no more used by cars. For them, there’s a new brighter, larger modern tunnel. And you end up with this big unused space. In Trento (Italy), they had even two tunnel. The whole motorway was diverted and therefore … Continue reading Converting an old tunnel into a museum?