‘War in the Sunshine’ at the Estorick Collection

This Saturday, I took an hour off to go and visit the exhibition “War in the Sunshine: The British in Italy 1917-1918” at the Estorick Collection. There were the paintings and drawings by Sydney Carline (1888-1929), who was initially dispatched to the front as a fighter pilot and then became an official artist with the RAF. I loved these paintings, especially since they represented an … Continue reading ‘War in the Sunshine’ at the Estorick Collection

First World War trenches on M.Creino

During the Christmas break, I re-visited another part of the Italy-Austria First World War frontline in southern Trentino. Particularly, this post features the trenches on Monte Creino, which allowed the Austrian soldiers stationed here to control both the northern lake Garda and the valley of river Adige. On the Creino, there were two Austrian lines facing the Italian lines on the side of M.Altissimo. While … Continue reading First World War trenches on M.Creino

WWI on Monte Zugna

I had already blogged about the big trench reconstructed on the Monte Zugna, an Italian WWI trench which was facing the Austrian one (also included in this WWI heritage project).

At a lower level on the side of this mountain, there is a second route centred on the WWI: these are the panels indicating it (unfortunately only in Italian). On a two-hours afternoon hike, it is possible to cross twice both the former Italian and Austrian lines, encountering almost 30 signs of the devastations of the war in this relatively small area. Continue reading “WWI on Monte Zugna”

WWI and reconstructions: Monte Zugna

During the Easter break, I visited again the WWI trenches and fortifications on Monte Zugna: these were the first Italian war against the Austrian Punitive expedition in Spring 1916. In this post, I want to discuss the case of the so-called “trincerone” (big trench) which has been restored, as part of the centenary commemoration initiatives. There was an intense debate on the local press, with few … Continue reading WWI and reconstructions: Monte Zugna

WWI centenary

There are many reasons why I am now interested in the First World War centenary commemoration: in this section of the blog, I aim especially to focus on the case-study of Trento. This province became Italian with the first world war and the battlefields extended all over its territory. At the moment, I plan to research more how the material remains of the war, so easy to … Continue reading WWI centenary