Cicero…and looting

Happy birthday Cicero! So, today, it’s the anniversary of Cicero’s birth (3rd January 106 BC). But, since yesterday I blogged about looting, why not go on with the same topic? Among all Cicero’s orations, “In Verrem” is probably not the most famous, but definetely each Latin student has had something to do with this speech. While Cicero’s first speeches date back to the 80s (Pro … Continue reading Cicero…and looting

About looting and illicit antiquities trade: blogs list

First of all, forgive me for going off topic just on my second post…But today, instead of thinking about a particular museum, I’ve found myself reading a lot about the illicit antiquities trade and cultural heritage law.In conclusion, I’ve just collected some links about this topic, and I’ll start with a list of blog focused on this theme. Looting matters. Discussion of the archaeological ethics … Continue reading About looting and illicit antiquities trade: blogs list